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Team America – World Police

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After seeing another entertainment news story regarding the ‘controversy’ this movie has raised, my wife and I decided we needed to go see it. Drop off the kids at their uncle’s house for a few hours, get over to the theater. The theater was somewhat empty being Sunday evening. This movie has been described as not for children. It is rated R, only due to scenes being cut out that originally had it rated NC-17.
The characters are marionettes, the plot is outrageous, political correctness is nowhere to be found, and the film’s producers are quoted as saying that being sued over the movie would be great. There were people on TV saying that this is no kids’ movie. Kid movie? From the creators of South Park?
The theater laughed, applauded and cheered at the scenes played out on screen. Such exotic locations as Paris, Cairo, North Korea, and Panama – all with descriptive titles indicating their distance and relation to America – are the settings for terrorist activities. Team America, as the ultimate terrorist fighting force, hunts down and kills terrorists the world over. They must overcome such obstacles as bad intelligence, activist actors, and even Michael Moore in their quest to make the world safe. On the way the audience is treated to graphic scenes of ‘puppett sex’ gratuitous vomit, bloody fights, and harsh language. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and the lead characters are not afraid of a little ‘wood’ being shown on screen.
Irreverent, politically incorrect and US centric. If you can handle that and like South Park go see the movie – I can’t wait for the DVD which I am sure will include the cut scenes. Team America is not – not – for children.

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