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Election Day

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Nov 2, 2004.
Election Day.
I didn’t used to be politically vocal. This President, our esteemed Congressman Rick Renzi, and a local sheriff’s campaign have changed that.
The very future of democracy, of the United States, hangs in the balance. George Bush has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy, needlessly sent troops into harm’s way with no plan to bring them home, given back the budget surplus and is plunging us into a horrific deficit that even my grandchildren (who are not even a twinkling in my childrens’ eyes as the saying goes) will not be able to pay it off. Where is Ross Perot with his charts?
I am voting this morning. Depending upon how the precinct looks, I may be bringing coffee and other snacks, blankets and allowing people to sit in my van for warmth. I will have at least three toll free numbers on hand in case of voter intimidation.
If you are being intimidated, questioned on whether you can vote, challenged in your right to vote call any or all of these numbers:
866-OUR VOTE (non partisan number)
866- MY VOTE1 (NBC news)
877-888- PAUL ( Paul Babbitt- Congressional District 1 AZ)
You can also bring your video camera to record voter intimidation. Michael Moore would like to hear from you if you do, email him:
Go. Vote. Remind George W Bush that we didn’t elect him the first time, that he cannot financially rape and pillage the United States and not be held accountable.

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