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The Incredibles

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On Saturday we packed the kids into the van, ran around town for a while, then pulled into the Harkins Theater to get in line to see The Incredibles, the story of super heros forced into retirement over law suits and their subsequent reintroduction to crime fighting.
During retirement, the super heros are put into the equivilent of the witness protection program where they are not allowed to use their powers.
As always in this kind of film there is an evil plot, a villian who is bent on ultimate power. When he captures Mr. Incredible a chain of events is set off that requires his entire family to come to his aid. Fortunately, they are nearly all bestowed with extraodinary powers of their own.
The story is a coming of age and coming to grips with their powers, powers that they have been forced to keep under wraps until the fate of their family, their whole town, hangs in the balance.
The kids were glued to the screen, their attention clearly and completely tuned to the movie playing in front of them. All in all a great movie. It will probably be added to the collection when it’s out on DVD, and the kids will no doubt watch it over and over attempting to wear out the disk.

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