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Jay Leno gettin’ cozy with the creepy King

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On the May 05, 2005 episode of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Jay brought out the latest American Idol to be kicked Scott Savol. The thing is I’m sure he looks like the guy whose video was floating around the internet lip syncing that foreign song… of course I have no links and the Today Show (where I saw the video) seemed to not have the relevant links either… oh well.
Jay brought out Scott to give him a consolation prize, one of three from a big wheel. The prizes on the wheel were Lunch with movie star, Dinner with a sports star or Breakfast with a member of the Royal Family. And of course the wheel was not rigged.
Naturally the giant spin that Scott put on the wheel caused it to spin a whole 1/3 of the way around to land on Breakfast with a member of the Royal Family. I figured that would be Gilbert Godfried in drag playing the queen, but lo and behold the Creepy King arrived with his overly large breakfast sandwich. Yikes.
Jay then sent them off to “get to know each other better in the back of the van”
Just keep saying egg and meat and cheese, and meat and cheese…..


  1. could you poss get the pic of the creepy king from the
    movie trailer? jay leno had on the show between May11th
    and May 16th-don’t remember which show it was on-it was
    for the new horror movie just coming out. it was just
    creepy…it was freakin’ scary!

    Comment by Jenn — 5/17/2005 @ 11:15 pm

  2. I haven’t seen the trailer… the video that’s actually up on tends to be more guests and monologues from what I can tell. Of course it isn’t all of his monologues, just the ones they think are the funniest.

    Comment by site admin — 5/18/2005 @ 7:56 am

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