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Local TV station bites

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Ok my TV reviews are normally about shows on TV, but I just have to mention that my local NBC affiliate blows chunks. Granted this is a small town and the budget is smaller, but they can’t even keep the volume at the same level. During an evening of watching shows on NBC I have to turn the volume way up to be able to hear the show I want to watch. Then the commercials come on and I have to turn the volume way down – just to keep the volume even.
The worst offenses are the Nightly News, the Tonight Show, and the Sunday evening line up of Law and Order Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. I have to be a remote jockey, and truthfully I tend to turn the shows off often enough that the fluctuating volume could be considered a cause of NBC losing market share during these times.
They have an email address that they advertise for a news segment called “Thanks to Teachers” which routes through the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. Want to follow up on a local news story that you missed or only caught the last part of (cause the volume was turned way down due to the commercials rattling the windows)? Don’t bother looking it up on the internet. While many stations offer online news supplimented by advertising, looking up redirects you to the Phoenix NBC affiliate’s site a total freaking waste of time when it comes to Flagstaff news. If they had a Flagstaff page it would be helpful… but they don’t.
It’s just a shame that they are the only “real” local news broadcast.

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  1. Oh yes. That station bites. Usually the news consists of some strange dude that is trying to look all nice and some really weird woman with even more bizarre hair trying to do the news. Really they are just serving time so that they can attempt to move on to a “real” station. I hate watching any program on that channel when I am around there because of those sound issues… Not to mention most of the programming isn’t all that good.

    Comment by riley — 5/2/2005 @ 6:35 pm

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