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Unreality TV

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Is anyone else sick of all the “reality” TV? I mean what’s real about these shows?
Fear Factor has nothing to do with fear except maybethe stunt work – it’s more like barf factor or gross factor.
Average Joe… like some hottie is gonna be hanging out with a bunch of overgrown pizza face guys.. ditto bachelor and bachelorette… Joe Millionaire is the closest to “reality” out of all these – meet some guy in a bar who lies to you about what he does for a living and how much he makes.
Survivor – Gilligan’s Island for yuppies who wanna prove something to themselves while trying to stab everyone else in the back for money.
I wanna be a Hilton… puhlease. The money might be nice… but look what it does to people. On top of that it’s a bunch of “hicks” with no class.
Can’t we get back to the days when reality TV is wrestling? At least that doesn’t seem so fake anymore.

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