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We should invade Iraq

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Recently we have seen the kinds of tactics used in Iraq flow into Afghanistan. Road side bombings and IEDs or improvised explosive devices have begun to turn up in the formerly quiet Afghanistan. Remember in 2001 when we went in there to run out the hard line government, chasing the Taliban out of power and capturing Osama bin Ladin? Oh. We didn’t capture Osama. Iraq, once an oppressed country under a cruel dictator, is now an oppressed country under a cruel foreign leader who chooses to not see that he has created more hate, resentment and resistance than any invasion since Vietnam. Osama is hanging out somewhere around or in Pakistan and the Afghan border according to recent theories.
We were doing a pretty decent job until the revenge war that is Iraq. Afghanistan was under control and in that one part of the world we were accepted. There have been free elections and people have embraced democracy. Then there is the tarpit that is Iraq where the more we struggle the ‘stucker’ we get. Under the leadership of George W. Bush and Co. Iraq has become a terrorist training ground. We should invade Iraq to protect our sovereignty.
And Saddam Hussein gets to eat all the Doritos he wants.

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