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… not really but you get my drift.
This morning your car was parked in the area designated “No Parking, School Bus Loading Zone”. This morning you weren’t so lucky were you? There were three busses already parked in the loading zone. This morning I parked my bus beside you and shut off the engine. This morning you were blocked in. I opened the service door, stuck my head out and asked (rhetorically of course), “can’t you read?” It was then that I noticed your driver window was open a couple of inches. I pointed out the sign. You apologized because you were “running late”. Well, you were just that much later because you parked where I’m supposed to pull my 39′ 29,000 lb GVWR bus into to pick up kids. Maybe you’ve never done that before – heck you may never pull in there again, knowing that those big busses need that space. That would be fine with me.
While you’re at it, tell your friends not to park there either. Remind them that by ignoring the signs they are teaching their children to be insensitive, that laws only apply to “everyone else”, that it’s OK to endanger the lives of others since you’re only “going to be a minute”, or you’re in a hurry. Remind them that the children who ride on busses are not orphans, that their little lives are just as precious as the one they came to pick up and that their parents want them to school and home quickly and safely too.
Meanwhile, I’ll keep smiling. I’m not allowed to say aloud what you really need to hear, but every once in a while when things work out and you ignore the Busses Only sign because you’re late I’ll be right on time. And I just might have to make sure the kids all remember how to sit next time, checking that each child demonstrates proper seat to seat contact.

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