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The Art of Deception

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Kevin D. Mitnick and William L. Simon. (2002)
Kevin Mitnick notoriously spent time in prison for “computer crimes”. He has been called the most notorious hacker and gave rise to the “Free Kevin” movement which sported a web site and links around the web showing how much longer he had to spend behind bars. Although he has been called a hacker, Kevin calls himself a “social engineer” essentially a con-artist. In this collaborative work, he writes of adventures that he and others have had, talking their way past security and into the innermost workings of the computer networks that we all rely on. From suggestions as simple as firewalling “public” ethernet ports at businesses to requiring that visitors (and employees) always wear an identity badge, we are walked through an array of interesting scenarios that that underline the need for even simple security measures. He also shows us how even the most trivial information can be used to leverage more and more important and valuable data out an unsuspecting – and unprepared – victim.
If you are in security of any kind – whether you work for someone else or just have your own little company – this book will help you make sure your information is secure.

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