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Want a movie that keeps 4 year olds, 13 year olds and even adults still? Check out Cars, the latest hit from Pixar (and-ahem-Disney).

The movie is the story of an arrogent upstart race car named Lightning McQueen who gets lost on the way to California only to find friendship, love and eventually himself. Radiator Springs, once a lively town on historic Rt 66, is a shadow of its former self when bypassed by Interstate 40. In this out of the way town, faded completely from the map, Lightning sheds his former superficial self finding deeper meaning in life.

I’m not a race fan, but the race scenes were done is such a way that even I was sucked into the action. I found myself cheering for this little car in the same way I would cheer for a live action character. This is a great movie that appeals to all ages and will be one that makes it into our own collection when it comes out on video.

If you happen to make it to the theater, don’t get up when the credits start scrolling. You’ll want to sit through at least the first five minutes.

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