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The End Of Faith

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I wrote about Sam Harris’, Letter to a Christian Nation
before I read his earlier book, “The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. Harris examines what he calls “faith-based religion” with a critical eye. And no religion is exempt. Muslim, Christian, Judaism all are reviewed with but a single requirement, show me the proof. All religions require a belief in the unproven – absolute faith in the books their religions are based upon without demanding proof. An example Harris uses is one where a man hears that his wife is having an affair. A reasonable man would search for proof of the allegation. The same man does not question a single word of the bible. Why is it reasonable and rational to question if one’s wife is having an affair, to look for evidence and proof while at the same time believing that Moses held up a stick and the entire Red Sea made way for him? These are the kinds of questions Harris asks.

Simply stated, Harris contends that we would all be better off if we slough off the dogma of religion and do right by others just to do right by others, not to be praised in an uproved afterlife. Such glory -seeking merely reeks of man made greed, not religous altruism.

A review of a book as in depth as Harris’ would take nearly as many pages as the book itself. Instead, I can only recommend you read this book with an open mind. Harris dedicates nearly a quarter of “Faith” to supporting documentation and research.

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