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Jack Balls

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As part of my trip from Florida to Arizona, mom decided that there would be hundreds of little Saturns and Budget Rental Trucks and that we should do something to differentiate the ones we were driving from all of the others on the road. I decided on the holiday antenna balls sold by Jack in the Box. So there we were, getting ready to head out of town, to drop my car off at my brother’s house and to get dinner. Not necessarily in that order.

My wife was sitting in the drive through at Jack in the Box. I parked my car and ran up to the fam-mobile so I could place my part of the order and pointed to the picture of the antenna balls and told her to order two. So she hesitantly ordered, “two Jack Balls”, all the while telling me how stupid it sounded.

Of course the Jack Ball story was enjoyed by my mom as well as my younger brother who couldn’t help himself, running around yelling, “Jack Balls! Jack Balls!” And he’s supposed to be 30.

As it turns out, I only saw one Saturn on the road, my mom’s. And we only saw a few Budget Rental trucks. We dragged Jack’s Balls from Miami to Sedona for no real reason, but if you get a Budget truck in Cottonwood and there is an antenna ball on it, know that he is well travelled.

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