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Web Worker Wanted

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I don’t post many help wanteds on this site, but the following one was very refreshing to read in its honesty as far as requirements and has a practical screening process outlined at the end. I don’t know the company and don’t vouch for them, just thought that it was an interesting job posting. If you live in East Phoenix and have a reasonable understanding of web development send these guys an email:

Web-Op, a search engine optimization and web design firm located at Falcon Field in Mesa, is seeking a junior developer.

Expected duties:

-Light (Linux) system administration
-Template-based development (we give you a PSD file, come back with nice modular PHP/HTML/CSS that resembles it as much as possible)
-Possible ‘theming’ of existing site (leave the content or backend in
place but restyle it)
-Possibly some hacking of existing (off-the-shelf FOSS usually)
-Fill-in if other developers are indisposed.

Desired skill set:

Minimal understanding of at least one PHP/ASP/JSP
Good hand-written HTML/CSS
Good coding style
Reliable and communicative.
Fast worker
Knows why typing “rm -rf /*” at the root prompt is a bad thing

This is NOT the position for someone who has 40 years of experience and dreams in PDP-11 assembler. It will be boring for you. Honestly, it’s just we need another set of reliable, moderately-skilled hands. Talent and a willingness to learn/adapt are more important for this position than a list of skills. Recent graduates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Expected pay: Likely about 30,000 / year (or hourly equivalent)
depending on skill and talent demonstrated.

Hiring Process: Send a resume and some samples of work if available.

We can arrange an interview if you look promising. A successful
candidate will be given a few tasks on a ‘work from home/hourly pay’ basis to ensure you can deliver quality work in our time constraints before full hire-on.

Please send resumes to

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