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Claritin Clear

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Inside and outside allergies are no match for Claritin as the man chiseling away on his sculpture tells us.

A sharp mind is more important that a sharp chisel


If I sneeze, this guy could lose his nose

What you don’t see when the guy is creating all kinds of dust and debris is a dust mask – you know, that could go a long way towards reducing the allergy problem buddy. At least he uses safety glasses when he’s using his power tools.


Proof of Copyrights’ Real Values

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Anyone else notice all the discounted TV shows and movies out on DVD this last week or so? Wal-Mart has pallets of movies for $1.00 (they’re a bit out of the main stream, but still $1.00). Target is selling fairly popular movies for $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00. TV series are going for $9.99 per season for some shows.

Music CDs still seem to be on the high end – well above $10.00 for even the “unknown” artists. Still, that’s cheaper than $9,500.00 per song that the music industry attorneys would have you believe that songs are worth for you to copy them to your iPod.

I wonder what would happen to music sharing if the price of CDs actually came down to a reasonable range? CDs tend to be less than an hour of music (of arguable quality) and all the $7.00 Christmas music CDs should tell you that anything priced two to three times as much is way out of line.

New Project

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It’s something that I’ve kinda been wanting to do for a while – a Linux Terminal Server Project installation at home. We just got a printer courtesy of my mother-in-law that may or may not work with my current operating systems. Yesterday my wife said something to the effect of, “if the printer doesn’t work with our computers maybe you can set up one of those ‘dumb computer’ things.” Oh, the wiring I will do… 🙂

What’s a Torrent?

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I’ve used Bittorrent to download a couple of ISOs in the past. I’ve usually used it for Slackware, but over the last few days I decided to crank it up a bit 🙂 Since we use K12LTSP at the office, I decided to see about sharing my copies of the ISOs since the download page for K12LTSP doesn’t didn’t list any torrent links.
Linuxtracker has links to torrents all over the place so I thought it made sense to start a torrent connecting to it. I also thought I would get the images over to the office server, because for some reason I had deleted the images there. Strangely, the office server would not download from my workstation here (more…)


Review: Windows XP – Coding Sanity

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Although it pokes fun at Microsoft in a way that is most appreciated by geeks everywhere, namely calling XP and upgrade to Vista, I found Review: Windows XP – Coding Sanity, to be a light and fun read. Enjoy.


Holiday Jack Balls

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Coworkers are car pooling to work. The driver has a Jack in The Box holiday ball stuck to his forehead on some kind of suction cup device. He explains that he doesn’t have an antenna so he has to do something else. As the commercial comes to an end the fine print states, “Don’t drive with antenna balls stuck to face.” Great – there goes my holiday spirit 🙂

Spammers Beware

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I was getting spam to a couple of email addresses that I set up for one time use on this domain. I was really trying to figure out how to add them to a filter on SpamAssassin without completely rejecting the mail (I want to use them to train SpamAssassin’s) so blacklisting them wasn’t going to work. I settled on setting the addresses in the virtual user table (/etc/mail/virtusertable). Now the spam comes in, gets processed and runs through SpamAssassin’s learn module. So keep those cards and letters rolling!


Still Snowing

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There’s supposed to be another 8-10″ of snow today. School’s canceled for a second day in a row. I still have to go into work – mostly to answer the phone and tell people, “no, I don’t know whether we will have school tomorrow.”
FUSD Snow Page


Obama Looking for the Big “O”

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I don’t care for Oprah all that much, she had Tom “nutjob” Cruise on her show jumping around like a rabid maniac spewing his “love” for Katie Holmes. Of course he was probably suffering the ill effects of clam shooters. Now, she’s supporting Obama. I don’t care that he’s black or young. He is allegedly being underhanded with his campaigning. Instead of showing why any one or the other is the best pick, they’ve decided to snipe at each other. If there’s a way to get swift boated this is it. Let’s make race an issue. Let’s make sex an issue. Let’s have Oprah tell us who to vote for. Let’s make the fact that Hillary didn’t dump Bill over his blue dress blow job an issue – I’m sure that he paid.

Let’s ignore Huckabee’s extreme Southern Baptist roots. Let’s ignore Romney’s extreme Mormone background. Neither one of them would make laws that tell you what’s right and wrong.

Hillary, Barack, one of you is getting my vote I’m pretty sure. Don’t mess this up by forgetting who we’re fighting for or who we’re fighting against.


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You know Congress has gone too far when they start writing laws that allow ordinary citizens to lose their computers in favor of music and movie studios. That’s apparently what some pending legislation offers; the chance for grandma to lose her computer over alleged “file sharing”. Grandma doesn’t have to be convicted of anything, just accused by the movie and record studios. Forget making a backup copy of your movies or a CD that you want to listen to on your iPod, you’re a criminal now and your computer can be seized and auctioned. Your rights are being melted away in favor of Steam Boat Willie. Either you smile while Mickey slips you the his
“mickey” or you write to your Congressman and I mean now. Unfortunately I have these the unconvicted “slippery Dick” Rick Renzi (not running for re-election, but not man enough to step out of the way of someone who might do some good) and John McCain as my representatives. Shout out to John Conyers, man of the people. Man up John, you work for us, not Mickey Mouse. It’s time to protect our rights against oppression before the uprising takes you out.

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