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Illiterate, Ignorant, Inconsiderate, or Just Plain Stupid?

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At the local mall there is a play area that is designed for kids shorter than somewhere around 3 feet which makes them something like four and under. It’s designed to be a toddler play area and there is a sign showing height requirements. Most of the time there are kids running around from 6 months to about four years or so.

But there are always a few who don’t really belong. They run over the top of the little kids with no regard for what they are doing or whose binky they step on. And usually their parents are hanging out watching them. I almost feel sorry for them. Their parents are teaching them that the rules don’t matter, to be inconsiderate as long as they themselves are having fun. They are teaching them to not get along in society and that ignorance – the worst possible meaning of the word – is bliss.

So is it illiteracy, ignorance, inconsideration, or just plain stupidity that you want me to think when you let your oversized child run roughshod over the toddlers in the toddler play area?

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