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An Inconvenient Truth

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Is there anything more boring that watching a movie showing someone giving a slide show presentation – even if that person is Al Gore? A slide show on film? The thing is, it turns out to not be as boring as it originally sounds. Gore has a sense of humor as he presents his evidence that the world is getter warmer and that we are responsible. Gore gives us a picture of a future that looks pretty bleak if we don’t do something about it and gives hope that things aren’t so far gone that we can’t fix them if we (earth’s inhabitants) all work together.

Global warming is going to be a serious issue, it’s been on the lips of politicians running for president and even the current president. Unfortunately we are also finding out that somewhere around 50% of all scientists recently testifying to congress have removed global warming language from their research due to political pressure and threats to remove funding.

An Inconvenient Truth
UN Science Panel
calls global warming real.

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