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Bush The One Not Supporting Troops Now

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Source: Bush to escalate fight over Iraq funds –
He has said that Congress has sent their message, now send the money. Like a kid getting broccoli when he wants candy, Bush is throwing a fit. He is going to stand up and say, “sorry troops. Congress passed a spending bill, but it had broccoli in it. They want you to come home. I don’t.”

Now let’s see how good of a job he can do pushing this off on the Dems. They did their jobs.

Cheney is doing his best to not become marginalized in the sunset of his career even as he makes speeches critical of the Dems, saying “[Democrats are trying to push the president into accepting] unwise and inappropriate restrictions on our commanders.” Mr. Cheney, why don’t you say what you really think? The American people are complete and utter drooling idiots who need you to tell us what to do. Oh, I forgot. You, Dubya, Congress. You all work for us. That’s the stone cold truth no matter whose phone calls you tap or financial records you seize.

Even Condi has decided that Cheney should be left out of the loop lately though. She’s trying to get some real things done around the world repairing the “dogs of war” attitude that has been so pervasive in this White House. If that sounds like minor praise for a cabinet member whom I despised for backing the President to a fault – especially during the 9/11 Commission hearings, I have to admit that it is.

Bush needs to buck up. Dems won the last election. The people spoke and they said, “bring ’em home.” You work for us, and yes we can fire you.

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