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Hotel Rwanda

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The story is simple. A single man helps to shelter over 1200 fellow citizens; sparing their lives. The effect is gut-wrenching and hard to watch. In scene after scene, Paul Rusesabagina – played by Don Cheadle – does everything he can to prevent the death of his Tutsi family members, his neighbors, and even strangers at the hands of the Hutu militia. “Hotel Rwanda” is at once an uplifting story of one man’s courage and a picture of genocidal atrocities. I found myself appalled at the apparent inability of the UN “peace keepers” to prevent these killings, outrage that any government in the world could allow these actions to go unanswered, and a sickening realization that whatever I wanted the outside soldiers to do also applies to our own troops in Iraq today. We didn’t create the civil war in Rwanda – but if our sensibilities begged us to have something done about it those same sensibilities now must tug at us – at least a little – to do something about the civil war in Iraq. This is an incredibly powerful movie that surely will leave a mark on anyone who has seen it.

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