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Moby and Ahab on a Plutonium Sea

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It is not everyday that an ordinary person such as myself discovers himself in the presence of a published author. Scott Douglas, who drives a school bus here in Flagstaff, is an unassuming character with tired, life beaten eyes. He is as public as a bus driver naturally is and yet there is a certain seclusion about the man as well. His book, Moby and Ahab on a Plutonium Sea: The Novel Which Ended the Cold War is a fictitious account of what might have happened leading up to or following a purported event in 1979.

What Scott does with Moby and Ahab is weave a human tale that entangles research stations, nuclear submarines and doomsday viruses into a tangled tapestry of what could have happened in the Antartic. He purposefully avoids technical details throughout the book, instead focusing on his characters ensuring they will be liked before snuffing them out at the turn of a page. To fully appreciate this book you must have watched Dr. Strangelove (rent it from have read Moby Dick (well not really, but why not?) and be a fan of Tom Clancy. Scott throws a mix of these into his book without going overboard.

Unfortunately if you find that you like his writing style you will find yourself wanting. This is his first and only book – it took seventeen years to get published so no holding your breath until the next one shows up on the shelf.

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