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Man Of The Year

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Man of the Year gets fours stars
Robin Williams is part Bill Maher, part Bev Harris, as a talk show host who runs for president in a movie that is part funny, part scary as hell. Man of The Year” is a comedy to be sure, but a sick comedy that looks at how a single company (think Diebold) controls voting for the entire country and the consequences of unaudited source code and the complete lack of a paper receipt. Unfortunately for the American people there is a “bug” in the software that would have benefited the incumbent had a political comedian not entered the race. Attempts to bring the bug to the attention of management by a lone programmer are futile.

It’s a movie to make you laugh and to make you think. But you have to watch it to find out how the bug works and whether Williams will become an unwilling “Dubya” or whether he really is one of the good guys, who like Maher, best serves his country by being a straight shooter and asking the hard, if funny, questions.

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