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I’m researching hot swap drive trays… I found a site called “The Tray Man” through Google. I like to use this browser called “Firefox” and use this thing called a “mouse” to right click on links so I can open them in this novel thing called a “tab”. That way I can be looking at many different items in multiple tabs. It means I can navigate a site the way I want to. It also means that I can save multiple pages as “bookmarks” and I can open the pages all at once if I want to.

Well “The Tray Man” has a Javascript feature that “disables” right click with a popup box that states:

“Protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. No part of this site may be duplicated. Thank you. The Tray Man”

Go ahead try right clicking on this page. Too bad. I probably won’t buy from these guys since there’s an assumption of guilt cause I know how to use my “mouse”. And yes, I’m being really condescending and yes it is my opinion that this behavior is really stupid. I mean, do you really have people trying to “steal” images of hard drive trays that they can get from the manufacturer?


  1. I like stealing pictures of hot swap trays. They are cool. I print them out and put them all over the place. This is because I HATE people that take pictures of the trays. They did me wrong once, so I go out of my way to try to steal their work. But I can’t now. The Tray Man has beaten me. CURSE YOU TRAY MAN!!!!

    Of course, that is so long as I don’t know how to save the webpage and get the pictures that way. Wtf?

    Comment by Steve — 8/7/2007 @ 3:24 pm

  2. That was so well thought out… brilliant!

    Comment by site admin — 8/7/2007 @ 3:27 pm

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