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Wild Hogs

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Mid life crisis leads to some pretty interesting and funny story lines. Wild Hogs is the story of four guys whose biggest adventure is to ride their motorcycles to the local diner for Sunday breakfast. What happens when they decide to hit the open road and ride to the West coast is hilarious. It all starts when Woody Stevens, played by John Travolta, tries to run away from his imploding life and drags his bumbling friends with him.

On the way the raise the ire of a real biker gang, and catch the attention of highway patrolman, John C. McGinley’s lustful eye. McGinley’s skin tight uniform in his first scene portrays his leanings as he ends up being as queer as the entire Village People line up. He ends up tailing the guys (no pun intended) through the movie, but is mysteriously missing when they could use his help in the show down with the Del Fuego biker gang.

Some of the story line might strike you as cliché and slightly predictable but that shouldn’t keep you from popping it in and laughing for most of the 100 minute playing time.

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