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Obama Looking for the Big “O”

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I don’t care for Oprah all that much, she had Tom “nutjob” Cruise on her show jumping around like a rabid maniac spewing his “love” for Katie Holmes. Of course he was probably suffering the ill effects of clam shooters. Now, she’s supporting Obama. I don’t care that he’s black or young. He is allegedly being underhanded with his campaigning. Instead of showing why any one or the other is the best pick, they’ve decided to snipe at each other. If there’s a way to get swift boated this is it. Let’s make race an issue. Let’s make sex an issue. Let’s have Oprah tell us who to vote for. Let’s make the fact that Hillary didn’t dump Bill over his blue dress blow job an issue – I’m sure that he paid.

Let’s ignore Huckabee’s extreme Southern Baptist roots. Let’s ignore Romney’s extreme Mormone background. Neither one of them would make laws that tell you what’s right and wrong.

Hillary, Barack, one of you is getting my vote I’m pretty sure. Don’t mess this up by forgetting who we’re fighting for or who we’re fighting against.

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