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Proof of Copyrights’ Real Values

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Anyone else notice all the discounted TV shows and movies out on DVD this last week or so? Wal-Mart has pallets of movies for $1.00 (they’re a bit out of the main stream, but still $1.00). Target is selling fairly popular movies for $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00. TV series are going for $9.99 per season for some shows.

Music CDs still seem to be on the high end – well above $10.00 for even the “unknown” artists. Still, that’s cheaper than $9,500.00 per song that the music industry attorneys would have you believe that songs are worth for you to copy them to your iPod.

I wonder what would happen to music sharing if the price of CDs actually came down to a reasonable range? CDs tend to be less than an hour of music (of arguable quality) and all the $7.00 Christmas music CDs should tell you that anything priced two to three times as much is way out of line.

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