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Referendum Review

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Arizona propositions, 2008.

  • 100: Passed. Prevents imposition of new taxes on the sale or transfer of real property. There was no advertising against this, but major advertising paid for by the Arizona Association of Realtors intended to scare the voters into believing that transfer taxes were inevitable.
  • 101: Too close to call, in my opinion. There is only a difference of .1% between the Yes and No votes. This would amend the AZ constitution regarding health care. Analysis is not in agreement on whether this would be good or bad based on wording that is subject to interpretation.
  • 102: Passed. Amends the AZ constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. Disheartening to me as it serves to limit rights instead of expand them and forces someone else’s religious views against homosexuals.
  • 105: Failed. This would count registered non-voters in AZ as if they bothered to go to the polls on certain referendums. It was called majority rule by the proponents. Tell you what, if it bothers you that 15% of the registered voters make it to the polls maybe you should get off your own butt and encourage people to vote. That would be true majority rules.
  • 200: Failed. This would allow the pay-day loan industry to continue past its current expiration of 2010. It would have made some other changes. Major funding for this Pay-Day Loan Reform as it was called came from the pay-day loan industry itself, much like the AAR supporting 100 (and if this was sleazy, then so was the AAR raising the tax issue when it didn’t exist in order to protect their industry)
  • 201: Failed. Homeowner’s bill of rights. This would have required home builders to respond to complaints about shoddy workmanship and change some of the builders’ responsibilities from optional to required. Unfortunately, there was major funding against it that misconstrued it as increasing lawsuits by anyone off the street whether they bought a home or not. This little sliver that was advertised this way would have only required the builder to supply disclosures to a prospective buyer.
  • 202: Failed. Called Stop Illegal Hiring, the law it would have modified should be thrown completely out.
  • 300: Failed. Would have raised AZ legislators’ salaries for their part time job from $24,000 to $32,000. They haven’t had a raise in ten years but no one wants to give them one while the country and state are in bad financial shape.

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