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Waiting to Exhale

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I nervously watched the early election results come in Tuesday night. The first results ticked in: McCain 6 Obama 3. The electoral votes were painfully slow in the age of the instant internet. My wife was far more optimistic than I. She hasn’t been reading stories of tampered or tamperable voting machines for the last eight years like I have. I watched Florida get counted for Gore, then Bush, then too close to call in 2000. I read the allegations of tampering in Ohio and promises from the CEO of Deibold, the voting machine manufacturer, to deliver Ohio to Bush. I didn’t care that Obama was the projected winner on every network with 338 electoral votes. I was not going to believe an Obama win until McCain gave a concession speech.

So what happened? Was John McCain ready to be President or ready to retire? He’s 72. Did he really want to be the next President of the United States? Did he purposefully pick an unknown, untested, politically immature and inexperienced woman as his running mate to throw the election? McCain’s mother is still alive at 96, but there are surely doubts about his potential longevity. If he didn’t really want to win what a great way to play the age card – by pulling a joker out of the deck. If he chooses, he can say he picked the wrong running mate, although he stands behind the choice for now. He might have drawn more votes with Joe the Lieberman, but he didn’t pick him, did he? Heck, at 72 I’m gonna be driving a motor home Willie Nelson style around the country, maybe me and McCain (by then 150) might share a beer at a KOA somewhere while we compare our Good Sam Club stickers.

He didn’t get mad and act unstable like he did in 2000 to prove that he’s not ready, but he didn’t remember how many homes he owns when asked either. This time, McCain had to lose through no fault of his own. He even suspended his campaign temporarily to “fix” the economic meltdown. The first draft failed to pass making McCain’s move less than stellar and causing people to wonder if McCain was overestimating his own self importance.

Fools Rush In

Limpbaugh pushed his listeners to vote for Hillary in the primaries where they could cross the party line. In fact he was happier than a lipstick wearing pig in the stinky black stuff – scratch that – he was happier than vacationing with his he-man woman haters club, as long as Clinton and Obama were butting heads. What if Limpbaugh was so focused on his seething hatred of Clinton that his extremist listeners who might have voted for more right leaning Huckabee or Romney were instead suckered into throwing their support – if only temporarily – behind a “feminazi” thus causing destruction of his own purported party? In truth, an Obama win keeps the hate-mongering Limpbaugh on the air for a minimum of another four years.

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