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Experian Cuts Credit Score Availiblity

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If you were thinking about grabbing your credit scores from the three bureaus you better hurry. Experian and have had a falling out and Experian will no longer allow MyFico to offer your credit scores based upon your Experian data and the deadline of February 14, 2009 is fast approaching.

What does this mean to you? You will no longer have access to the score that Experian is selling to your bank to determine if you are a decent risk or not. Experian will not sell you that score, MyFico will not be allowed to sell you that score either. In other words, your score goes back into a black box and you can only guess whether you will be approved or not. Oh sure, you can still buy a score from Experian, but it has nothing to do with the score that they will sell to your bank – other than they still get the cash. While the FICO score has always been a bit of a black box, presumably so we can’t game the system, now you won’t even get to see the outside of the box.
The MyFico discussion boards are pretty fired up over this.

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