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Evidence of Recession

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We’ve had to spend a decent amount of time at the malls lately. My brother-in-law is getting married in a couple of weeks so there is the need to purchase a little bit of clothing. At the Flagstaff Mall people were everywhere. I don’t know how many were actually making purchases, but the mall was pretty full.

Saturday was the bridal shower which I and J definitely were not going to attend. We went to the Arizona Mills Mall and shopped for wedding attire for him while we waited out the shower. We found pants and shoes, both of which would be usable for school next year.

After making our purchases and walking through the busy stores and the busy mall thorough fair we stopped in at the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. Meals average about $20.00 per plate and the place was busy. The food took a little while to get to the table and I started to wonder if the kitchen was short staffed. Once it arrived it was delicious. I had the three item plate, steak, ribs and shrimp, J had the appetizer buffalo wings. The steak was tender and tasty. The ribs fell off the bone and were perfectly seasoned. My shrimp were on skewers, breaded with a little bit of coconut and were just barely on the dry side. Next time I may give in and order the paella.

I find it interesting that a restaurant that attempts to promote ecology and preservation would have regular flushing urinals and handled faucets on the bathroom sinks. The Rain Forest Cafe’s web site (and that of the parent company) rely almost exclusively on Flash technology. I was attempting to find information on their conservation positions but the site, crippled by forcing Flash on its users, did not appear to have conservation information in my brief tour.

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