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Diablo Burger

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Diablo Burger gets four stars
As I stood in line at the Diablo Burger in just off Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff, I listened to a woman order her burger well done. The clerk tried to talk her out of a burger zapped of all the delicious juices that drip from a just right piece of lean meat, but she wouldn’t even let him talk. I didn’t get any burgers that day. Instead it was a giant bag of fries, delectably and delightfully seasoned, served in a paper bag like a sack lunch. I’m not sure all of the spices and herbs so liberally applied to the tubers, but they were fantastic. I had them with their Hatch chili mayo. The mayo could have been a bit spicier, it didn’t have as much tang as I thought it would but I wouldn’t throw it out.

Of course the next time I ordered from Diablo Burger it included burgers. There are a number of different styles – including the surprise special that includes whatever was in the box of locally grown and harvested vegetables. All burgers come served on an English muffin branded with the db logo and this time I ordered the Blake. While I was waiting for the burger to cook – the counter attendant in true bartender style – asks,

“Patrick, would you like something to drink while you’re waiting?”

I mentioned that I had been thinking about trying an, “Old Rasputen” (the cases of available beers is on display in the small dining area) and I notice him make a face. Not sure what triggered his response I asked him what the look was for. His reply, “stop thinking about it, you won’t regret it.” I took the plunge and ordered one. I was not completely ready, although a beer named for a notoriously nasty Russian should not really surprise anyone with its stoutness and 9% alcohol content. If stout isn’t your style, there are a number of other flavors available all from the same small brewery in California.

The burgers were great, the fries still to die for and the beer, I’m working my way through the varieties.

If you go to Diablo Burger take your cash – part of their mission is to keep as much money in Flagstaff as possible and credit card fees to processors in Delaware don’t make the cut.

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