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I’m in the process of migrating the tax office server from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 which of course caused me to start thinking about everything else that I eventually want to add or migrate. There’s the firewall – which will probably get a newer machine that most recently was a thin client. The firewall machine will probably be re-purposed as storage. The Windows 2003 server box will be decommissioned as a brick (meaning it will site quietly unplugged in the back room for at least a year to make sure we don’t lose anything in the transfer). Our K12LTSP server will continue to chug along as a K12LTSP server. Although it is the absolute base of our setup – and our oldest “new purchase” computer we lean much, much heavier on the Windows servers and the Windows 2003 server was actually creaking under the load we had on it at any given point in time. At some point in time I also want to add an Asterisk server, but I’ve wanted that for some time now.

Given all of these upcoming changes I was reading up on FreeNAS, something that I have read about before, but not had the chance to deploy. I don’t rush into deployments and try to hash things out and around with people that I know. One of the drivers had just finished up for the day and I casually asked him if he knew anything about computers (you never know what you’re gonna get). He told me that he could check his email and browse the internet – which is what a huge number of people can do – but that was about it. Another driver who had been standing outside my view jumped in asking what I needed; he might be able to help. He had set up his network at home and knew a little bit. I replied that I was thinking about deploying FreeNAS, based on BSD and was just nosing around for experiences. I could visibly see his eyes glaze over as what I just said was more than he had even heard of. At that point we both knew the conversation was over. Not that he’s not a nice guy who really thought he might be able to help with something that a mere radio dispatcher might not be familiar with, but he just stepped into the deep end of the pool. And he forgot his floaties.

Did you hear that? It’s the whoosh of the conversation passing overhead.

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