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Anyone Doing Black Friday?

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My wife and I did the 4am Black Friday shopping trip one year. We decided never again. We were late to the stores and could not believe that even in the sleepy town of Queen Creek, AZ the shopping madness had taken over. People were in line for the Gameboy color (that’s how long ago it was 😉 ) and getting told there were no more Gameboys. The line was nearly out the door from the electronics section at the Walmart. Several different Black Friday special priced items were wrapped in shrink wrap on the pallets until the store officially opened. The crowds were as crazy as you see on the news clips. People had this crazed look in their eyes. My wife and I felt lucky to have survived our one and only Black Friday experience unscathed.
This year, I am looking to upgrade my monitor to an LCD. I checked out the Best Buy ad online and they have two 18.5″ to 20″ flat screens on sale for less than $100.00 on Black Friday. Try clicking on the ad to buy it today (yesterday) and the price is $139.00. Ugh. The fine print tells me that there are a maximum of 12 in stock for the one monitor and a minimum of 15 for the other per store. So. What are the odds I’m going to get either one of these at these prices? I’m not sure, but I think it’s kinda low. Our Best Buy serves a town of 70,000. They may not all be out shopping for monitors but that reduces the odds of squeezing into the store to get that price :(.
I may just end up like a lot of people, shopping online. TigerDirect has some pretty good Black Friday deals. Check them out at the Marketplace (OK, I know that was shameless self promotion, but you can shop from home without body armor)

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