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Stock Market Thoughts 2009

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As the last hours of 2009 fade into memory, the pundits are talking about the stock market recovery from the Great Recession. And to hear them tell it 2009 was remarkable in the 64% bounce from the market bottom in early March. As I look over what I’ve done in my own retirement account I see that I managed to do better than the markets as a whole. And that’s the way it should be; managed accounts should do better than unmanaged accounts or the index. If you didn’t do at least better than the market overall (or your portfolio didn’t double in value like mine if you want to get really daring) it might be time to take over management of your account. I’m considering a newsletter of sorts for investors who might be interested in what I’m looking at or investing in. Actually it’s far more like trading but it’s not day trading – I’ve only had one trade that took place in one day. I know. Everybody and his brother has a newsletter or a financial blog. I’m not really trying to compete with that. I suppose that I can just get feedback here to see how many of my regular readers think I might have something valuable to add. Anyone can write they had a great idea and made a bunch of money. Just look at Madoff or Enron. And to write that I bought several stocks and sold them for an average of 10% return per trade – some of them more than once – is easy. I could very well fake a great hindsight history so that’s no proof either. An email newsletter, another blog perhaps, text message updates?

Let me know and see you in 2010.

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