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Carbon Free Sugar?

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I went to the grocery store with my wife today and saw a brand of sugar grown and processed in Florida. On the front was the label “Certified Carbon Free”. According to WikiAnswers (and based on my memory of the chemical formula for sugar) without carbon you are pretty much left with water. Sugar is chemically C12H22O11 or C6H12O6. That “C” is carbon. I picked up the container to read they really mean that their carbon use/spewing is certified as being offset. Which is a good thing, cause as I wrote, sugar without carbon is really just water.

If you want more information about carbon offsets, check out the Carbon Fund



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This blog, like many others, is what some might call a labor of love while others might hope that it goes away. I’ve started spending a bit of time getting a page built that has limited time offers from some of the affiliate programs that I belong to. It’s not the coolest page in the world, but there are some pretty good deals, like 1TB hard drives for under $100.00. I’m also tweaking the ad display code so that limited time offers can expire. Give the page a peek, let me know what you think. Heck you might even find something you can’t live without 😉


No Government Handouts, Unless They’re for Me

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This has been bugging me for a little while now and I just have to speak out. I’m sick and tired of the tea-baggers protesting the government spending. I’m tired of the conservatives bemoaning the fact that taxes have to go up – we have to pay for the last eight years of no new taxes but plenty of new spending.
“Keep the government out of my Medicare!” – what the heck do you think Medicare is?! It is government (citizen) funded and government run. If you want the government’s hands off your Medicare back the hell off the government program, pay for your own mufuggin health care. I mean it. Otherwise step back and let go of that government tit.

I know a guy who attended a tea party protest recently. He is working a government job, pulling in his government pension from a previous government job and he takes all kinds of time off to maximize his government check (Social Security). Buddy, put down the Palin 2012 button, get a job in the private sector and give up your government pensions. I hear Walmart needs greeters. Don’t want to do that? Then suck that government tit a little further into your mouth so I can’t hear you whine about the government and taxes. Now, nothing that he is doing is illegal, it just doesn’t make sense. I know the argument, the government took Social Security from me so I want it back. Except, by taking “early retirement” you will collect more than you contributed. By taking government pensions the return is more or less guaranteed – not like a 401(k) or IRA where you would have been on your own – a government guaranteed payment.

Back in the late 90s, early 2000s an Arizona state Republican drafted a law that was passed without debate. This law was supposed to allow someone who wanted to purchase a new vehicle could purchase an alternative fuel vehicle and have the state pick up a huge part of the tab. There was no requirement that the vehicle actually run on alternative fuel just that it could if you happened to find a station that could fuel it. I know many conservatives – who don’t want their taxes raised who ran out and bought trucks that they never intended to run on anything other than unleaded gasoline so they could get this huge state tax refund. Moreover, they don’t pay most of the value tax on that big ass truck and get to drive an empty vehicle in the HOV(car pool) lane. In Arizona, you pay tax on the value of your vehicle as part of the annual license plate fee. These guys pay around $10.00 to register their vehicles. It just cost me $100.00 to drive my old Hyundai. Again, nothing done here is illegal, only hypocritical. If you don’t want taxes and government spending to go up, put your hand back into your own pocket. Remember Actions speak louder than bumper stickers

Those were legal. This next one… well read on. In order to stimulate the economy, help people out purchasing their first home and maybe rebuild some of the demand for the slumping housing market, the federal government – through the IRS – created a first time home buyer tax credit. The credit is $8000.00 and can be used to help fund your purchase, if done right. And now, the government is investigating fraud. Fraud that I know how occurred. This is real. I know a conservative, keep the government out of my life, couple. She, of course, works for a government agency, his job keeps him working with (not necessarily for) the government. They purchased a home and titled it in their son’s name. The problem is that their son still lives with them and they collect a rent check. If they get caught, and it’s entirely plausible, there will be much moaning and gnashing of teeth about how the government is interfering in their lives. Well, if you would have kept your greed in check the future would have looked better for you. Fraud against the government? Good luck with that. If caught, she will likely lose her job and he will lose his ability to do his job, possibly lose the house they bought to rent out and have to pay back the $8000.00. And they were just so clever in buying this house.

And oh yeah, keep the government out of my life. Unless I can work for, get cash from or outright steal from the government. And even then, don’t raise taxes to make up the amount of money raped from the Federal Government by Cheny, Bush, Haliburton or little ole me.


Shaken Not Stirred

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In an article titled Windows 7 Vodka and the Microsoft Hangover, John C Dvorak takes Microsoft’s marketing to task. He laments the “personal touch” of years gone by. He blasts the Microsoft newsletter but touches little on the Operating System that could. I’m waiting for the reviewer whose panties are neither in a bunch nor soaked with excitement to give a true review of Windows 7.

Anyone? Bueller?


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Actions speak louder than bumper stickers

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Minivans are tangible proof of evil

Of course, it was on a mini-van.


I’m Being Tested

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James Arthur Ray, self help guru is quoted in the Telegraph as “being tested” over the deaths of two people, serious illness of 19 others and a woman who remains in a coma.

Mr Ray broke down in tears as he addressed the deaths. “This is the most difficult time I’ve ever faced,” he told the crowd of about 200. “I don’t know how to deal with it really.”

The most difficult time he’s every faced? How about the two dead people? How about the woman who remains in a coma? How about the families that lost loved ones? To be fair, is later quoted as saying that he’s “grieving for the families”. But if this story is to be trusted on its time line the first thing Mr. Self Help thought about was himself.
Luckily the 2005 incident turned out better.


I Would Have to Move

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It’s a radical idea, but a commentary titled Let the Red States Secede on Market Watch (via Yahoo!) says that the so-called Blue States would be better off without all those Red States dragging them down. I bet you couldn’t convince the conservatives to stop sucking at the liberal tit.


Farewell UAC, I Hardly Knew Yee

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The Windows 2008 Server suffered an unexpected shutdown a couple of days ago and I blame UAC (Ok, so UAC and the tax software vendor). As I noted in UAC What is it good for? with UAC enabled I had to set all users as Administrators or hand out an administrator password. Prompting for a password every time a program is opened was not going to work so I set the users as Administrators, trying to keep the UAC security intact. And so, when the remote user chose “Shut Down” instead of “Log Off” the office screens went dark.

So. I changed the user to a regular user account and disabled UAC. Because there isn’t an option to save the administrator account for “this program only”. And despite what Lasse Petterrson says over on technet

UAC is a security feature that should be turned on.

Turning on UAC breaks too much other stuff.
You moved your mouse. <Allow> <Deny>?

London Stock Exchange dumps Windows

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It’s old news to most geeks, but the London Stock Exchange is dumping their Windows-based trading system for a Linux-based trading system.
Apparently the Windows solution just couldn’t keep up.

LSE to dump Windows
Open source makes big gains at the LSE
LSE buys MilleniumIT so all of the exchange software is now created “in house” in Sri Lanka.

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