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Worm Bucket Pics

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If you are easily grossed out – take a day off from reading my blog. Today is gross picture day. I don’t usually post photos, but I was asked for pictures of my worm bucket system by a co-worker so I took a few. These buckets started out life as pickle containers.

Worm buckets, outside view
This first photo shows just a few of my buckets lined up.

Worm castings aging bucket, outside
Worm aging buckets: One solid bucket, ie no holes drilled as our “catch basin” and one bucket with holes drilled for draining and aeration. This bucket contains mostly finished VC – vermicasting or vermicompost – a little bit of unfinished bedding and lots of worms. I’m currently top feeding with outdated powdered vanilla pudding mix and powdered milk. The level of VC has shrunk about two inches in just a few weeks time. This might take a few months to get to the point where I can just scoop out the castings onto the plants. The remaining worms will be relocated to the more active buckets.

Worm castings aging bucket, a look inside

The worms are “swarming” over the powdered milk mix.

Worms love powdered pudding mix and powdered milk mix

Actively working worm bucket
View of a much less processed bin.

Actively working worm bucket

Worm bucket spacer
Two of these bucket tops are cut off to make spacer rings. These are placed on top of a nearly full active bucket. A new empty active bucket is placed above the spacers. The new top bucket rests on the built up waste below. The spacers prevent the bucket from smashing the waste and bedding in the lower bucket. I add a little bit of bedding and slowly start feeding the new top bucket.
Bottom worm bucket
Worms continue to work the bottom bucket. Notice the slight indented ring where the top bucket rests.
And if you thought these photos were gross, don’t dare visit RedWormComposting (humorously, he abbreviates his site RWC)

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