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Email to Best Buy

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Figuring that I wouldn’t get any satisfaction from Toshiba I fired off an email to Best Buy via their web form:

My wife and I have a Best Buy credit account and have purchased a number of items at Best Buy. One of our most recent purchases, a Toshiba Satelite laptop, has become an extremely disappointing purchase. About three weeks ago the hard drive died and I returned the laptop to Best Buy. Although it took longer that I expected, Best Buy replaced the hard drive under the manufacturer warranty. When trying to get the restore disks from Toshiba – as they no longer include them in the box – I was unable to get them to ship me a restore disk without charging me $24.95 to handle the disk. They will send me a box to send my laptop to Toshiba, reinstall the OS and ship my laptop back to me at no charge. Toshiba support apparently does not think that all of the shipping and labor is less expensive that spending a couple of bucks on priority mail postage. After clicking through the BBB logo on the Toshiba web site and reading complaint after complaint about Toshiba customer service I have to question my decision to send my laptop back to Toshiba for anything. I would much rather have the Geek Squad finish what they started with the replacement of my hard drive. What customer service center does not have a real second tier support? What company hires supervisors to only schedule the phone operators?
I understand that hardware sometimes fails, but to be treated with complete and utter contempt by Toshiba is unacceptable. As a single individual I don’t have much pull with Toshiba. I don’t even have much pull with Best Buy. As a company, I would expect Best Buy to assist its customers. To not at least attempt would imply approval of this unfriendly behavior towards your mutual customers. I hope to continue my relationship with Best Buy although I will not be purchasing any Toshiba products at Best Buy or any other store.
I look forward to your reply.

I looked for Toshiba stock information. It looks like they don’t qualify to trade on any of our exchanges except OTC. Not to be Xenophobic in this world economy, but this Japanese-centric company only hires people at their call centers to wring $25/pop out of their customers. My story is way too much like the complaints on the BBB web site. Let’s see if Best Buy steps up to the plate (they are publicly traded after all and no one wants bad publicity) In a day or so I will be looking to email the Japanese CEO of Toshiba – not that he’ll care – and if I don’t get any satisfaction it will probably mean a submission to the channel 12 problem solver team.

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