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The Failure of Toshiba

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The laptop I purchased had a hard drive crash. We took it back to Best Buy – they replaced the hard drive. Toshiba wants $24.95 for “handling” to send me the restore disk. You know, restore disk as in what used to come in the box when you bought a computer. I’m not even asking for the unadulterated version that you can get in a retail box. Nope. Just a simple restore disk. I called Toshiba support to demand they send me a restore disk. I got nowhere. I asked for the next tier customer service. I got “Lacey”. Lacey would not send me the disk either, instead telling me how to order and pay for the disk. I asked for the call to be escalated and she told me that she was the highest person on the totem pole.

I told “Lacey” that if Toshiba is willing to send me an empty box, have it shipped back to them, pay a tech to install the OS and then pay to ship the laptop back to me (which they will do under the warranty), they can surely just drop the restore disk in the mail since that is clearly cheaper. Still no dice. I asked her if she realized how ridiculous that sounded. She answered that is their procedure. I stated simply, “of course you realize it, you chose not to answer the question.” I then asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me that her supervisor only makes her schedule and does not talk to customers. My reply, “do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?”

I’ve already steered one person away from Toshiba purchases. If I had read the BBB listing of negative reviews of Toshiba I would not have purchased this laptop. I have 3 IBM Thinkpad laptops that range in age from 10-15 years and none of these has ever had a hard drive problem. And they came with restore media. And I don’t know why I didn’t buy another IBM/Lenovo laptop. You can bet the next one will be.

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