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Murkowski Beats The Tea Out of Joe Miller

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I’m not generally a cheer leader for Republicans, but Lisa Murkowski is probably my favorite Republican at the moment for beating out Joe Miller in Alaska. Murkowski ran a write in campaign after extremist tea party leaning conservatives went way right with wacko Joe Miller. With the quitter Palin backing him, how could Alaskans vote any other way? Perhaps sanity struck back.

The Daily Sun hacked up these gems

Miller, meanwhile, had several missteps after the primary. Court documents were released showing that he had been was suspended as a government employee for using work computers for partisan political work and lying about it. In other miscues, his security detail handcuffed a journalist asking questions at a town hall meeting, and it was revealed his family received many government handouts that he railed against as a tea party candidate.

So Miller is a liar and his family is on the dole. Really? Is that such a surprise for a Tea Partier? Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, and cut any government funding for everyone except me.

Levi Russell, a spokesman for the California-based Tea Party Express, told The Associated Press that Murkowski’s failure to win a majority in the race “demonstrates a rejection of her well-known policies.”

Yeah. Sour grapes. Look it up.

While disappointed in the race’s outcome, Russell said the group stands behind its strategy and Miller. “We continue to feel that Joe Miller is more in concert today with the people in Alaska, who are concerned about the growth and intrusiveness of the federal government with the higher taxes, deficits and national debt,” he said

Except, the people of Alaska voted against Miller and the Tea Party. If Joe were more in concert with the people of Alaska, wouldn’t they have voted for Joe Miller? You Betcha!

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