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Get Out of the Business

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The Catholic church should get out of the business of helping people and providing potentially life saving health care. The reason, if you have not heard the story, St. Josephs hospital in Phoenix saves a woman’s life by terminating her pregnancy. Now the Catholic church thinks it knows best about health care and is threatening to remove its support (and funding). The catholic church that hunted people as witches, perpetrated the inquisition, baptized South American babies so they would go to heaven moments later when their heads were bashed in with the back of an ax in the hands of their baptizers and covered up sexual abuse of children for decades wants to decide if a woman lives or dies by prohibiting a legal termination procedure.

In an episode of “House” a young girl has a medical problem that causes all manner of medical distress. There is nothing the doctors can do until they realize the the girl is pregnant – and terminating the pregnancy “cures” her. The girl does not want her parents to know that she was pregnant nor that she had a termination – abortion. Dr House tells her parents that she had a “growth” that once removed resolved all of her symptoms. Although fictional, would Dr House have had to tell the same tale to an outside dictator if he were not in a research hospital but a church ruddered entity?

Until there is proof – real proof – that the church and religion are able to adequately care for people in a medical setting then they should step aside. By adequate I mean through nothing other than prayer save the life of someone who is bleeding out. Through nothing other than prayer – regrow a missing limb. Through nothing other than prayer save a life, cure cancer. It can’t be done or would already have been, over and over. Until that day let the professionals do their job without consulting Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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