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It’s a Matter of National Security

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Paul Gosar thinks that no one should have government provided health care, or that your neighbors should be the ones educating your children. Here’s the thing Paul, we keep cutting educational funding and schools have no choice but to cut physical education, music and art. So what do we get? Army recruits too fat to survive boot camp. Have you noticed that most terrorists who live in caves and train in the desert are thin? We can’t keep up. Our primary and secondary educational systems are failing our kids and in the long run, our fat stupid children won’t be able to stave off the healthier, better educated sand eating enemies.

Gosar is a threat to national security. He and his “cost” slashing buddies want to let the national highway system and infrastructure fall into disrepair. The thing is, his deep pocketed capitalist corporate friends need the highways to continue moving their product to market. And the country needs the highways to move military equipment. The original push for the national highway system was to compete with Germany and win the second World War. Are the highways any less important today?

We need government support for highways, for the smart grid, to bring energy independence to the US. We need our hundred year old water mains replaced and repaired. Does Gosar believe that private companies are willing to replace government investment in our aging infrastructure? Do you?

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