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When you vote repugnican you get people like Paul Gosar. Gosar wants to cut federal funds for education. According to the AZ Daily Sun, when asked about teacher pay (which is pretty miserable) and text books,

Gosar said the community at large and businesses should step in to teach students somewhat, as an answer on how to improve education overall.

Well that will fix everything. Why don’t we just close all of the schools and fire all of the teachers and let whichever unemployed parents there are out there teach our kids.

And he would vote to extend the Bush tax cuts (which is moot at the moment)

One student raised the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, and asked whether they should be extended.

Gosar said they should, to prime spending, help small businesses, and as a matter of fairness for those who had the ingenuity or put the labor into making money.

Tax policy to influence public policy? I thought the government wasn’t into that. Regardless, the Bush era tax cuts did nothing to promote employment. Job growth during Bush’s rein was flaccid. The so-called rich who supposedly created jobs, stuck their money in the stock market and reaped a 15% tax rate instead of starting businesses which would have been taxed at over 30% – higher if you count all the unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation, etc. See how that works? 15% versus over 30%, where would you put your money if you had it, start a business with all of the headaches or just put it into IBM stock?

Gosar goes on,

He pointed to what he called burdensome requirements.

“If I do business with any one of you over $600, I have to tell the government about it. I have to fill this form out. And that’s not right. That’s onerous,” he said.

Hmm… if I have a business and I spend a certain amount of money ($600) then I have to tell the government who I spent the money with? Oh, boo-hoo. It’s called a receipt. I’m simplifying, but the 1099 is essentially a receipt.

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