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It’ Time for a Phone – To Save Us From Our Phones

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Microsoft Phone 7. It’s supposed to save screen time. The commercials for it show people stuck texting or focused on the screen while life happens around them. So we’re to believe that a phone with more features is going to reduce the amount of time that we spend staring at the phone – maybe if Angry Birds isn’t available on the Windows Phone 7 OS. And really? From the company that brought the “Blue Screen of Death” to the masses we expect to stare at our phones less?

Well. I’ve got news for Microsoft. Those people who are addicted to phone screen time are still going to be staring at the screen. It’s a bit obsessive compulsive – it has nothing to do with the OS on the phone. If the OS were able to “save” people from their phones the nickname “crackberry” would never have caught on.

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