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We spent last weekend camping off the grid. Sure there was water, electricity, fire and gas. But the hills blocked the cell phone tower signals. When we camp out on the ranch everyone turns off their cell phones since they will suck the battery dry trying to find a signal. On Saturday afternoon my sister-in-law wanted to know what time it was. We all kind of looked around, everyone uses their phones for time now. I, of course, have a watch. I reached toward my pocket saying, “I have a watch.”

My sister-in-law is confused. “Why do you keep it in your pocket?”

“Because,” I pause for dramatic effect, “it’s a pocket watch.” That explains it. A dozen people chuckle at the matter of fact reasoning.

You know, watches have become scarce, the once ubiquitous pocket watch even more so but I like my pocket watch, it doesn’t need to have a signal from some cell phone tower and I will know what time it is every time we go camping. And once in a while, I get to have a small laugh with it.

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