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Smart Phones Make You a Jerk

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The recent cell phone commercials are attempting to use humor to make you think their phones and networks are better. The AT&T commercial has two guys stuck on ski lift, the one guy asks his buddy if he can ask his ex-girlfriend out. The ex replies, “sure, we’ve been broken up for six months, but she wouldn’t go out with you”.

And now to the guy asking his friend’s ex-girlfriend out, “bing, bing, bing” goes the the jerk’s phone. He has a running commentary, “she says she’s wanted me to ask her out for a year, oh look, she send a video.” Hmm. The girl is a jerk too. She and the ex have been broken up for six months and she’s wanted to go out with the jerk for over a year.

Mr ex asks to see the phone and flings it over hand into the snow. Excellent – revenge on the jerks.

Our next jerk example is the Windows phone using sky-diver. Let me reiterate my disdain for phones that try to do everything, the dumb-ass phone. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, two guys jump out of a plane. One tries to take a picture with his smart phone and has to fumble with the settings. The other, using a Windows phone 7 smart phone pushes a single button* to take a picture of his buddy during free fall which he can then smugly post to Facebook and then pull his rip cord. As his buddy, still in free fall, struggles to complete his snapshot of the earth, smart phone jerk yells after him, “open your shute, Dave. Hey is it all right if I date Emily after you…” (Dave’s parachute opens), “never mind.” Smart phone jerk is trying to date his buddy’s girlfriend while he thinks his buddy might slam into the earth at 180 mph.

*I can push a single button on my dumb phone and on every camera in the house to take a photo. As a matter of fact single button cameras are pretty old school, but this is supposed to convince us they are state of the art.

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