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Thank you George Bush

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I would like to add my thanks along side Sara Palin’s. Thank you George Bush for killing Osama bin Laden. Oh, I know you don’t want to take the credit since you were probably walking around your “ranch” with Barney, looking for some sticks to sharpen or something. But I know, and Sara knows, that this would have never happened without you. I know that you masterfully crafted this plan to kill him two years after Obama took the oath of office so that Palin could crow about GOP strength and resolve (and never once mention Obama, scared Sara? “First, they ignore you”) and fire up the kettle. Wait, Tea Partiers and Ron Paul want us to put up a fence around the US and let the world fall apart without any intervention from us.

I know, and Sara knows, that if we hadn’t gone after Saddam Hussein, we might have had Osama in the hills of Tora Bora. We might have killed or captured Osama in 2002 or 2003 or… I know, and Sara knows, that we could have been on the way to cleaning up in Afghanistan before the last elections if we had not gone after Weapons of Mass Deception. Cheney and Scooter and Rove would not have had to break the law by outing Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. We would not be facing a more independent and decentralized Al Qaida that is less beholden to Osama than an ideal.

I know that Barrack Obama actually signed the order to conduct this actual operation, but he wouldn’t have been able to do it without George’s leadership and feigned ignorance of bin Laden while chasing illusionary “nucular” bombs in Iraq.

Thank you for staying home and not taking any credit George Bush. Thank you.

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