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Callista Gingrich Promotes Music In the Schools

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Schools are cutting out funding for music! Oh no! The Repugnicans are going to save us from these cuts to music funding! So let’s see… the Republicans in the great state of Arizona have increased decreased classroom funding, completely paid for building maintenance cut the building maintenance payments to 1% of the Arizona mandated amounts, and as Republicans are so cognizant of the importance of education, have generously funded our state public schools consistently funded public schools in the bottom 3-5 (we are not always dead last!)
Callista, I’ll believe it when I see it and your Youtube video does not convince me. The proof is in the state budget – oh you do know the Federal government has to stay out of local education, right? You know that your party wants to set the states “free” from the federal yoke, right? What’s that gonna do to your music programs? Oh, right. Exactly what is going on now. Music is relegated to an after school program, not a core subject. Wonder how that’s gonna work in the inner-city when Newt sends all the “poor kids” into their after school work program?

This video is hypocritical. (Unless you plan to pay for the music programs with your Tiffany’s charge account.)

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