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Turned the Dec 17 call, closing it out for $.05. I sold the calls for $.80 minus commissions – puts me around a 1200% return. I like the 17.00 calls since the 6 month high for YHOO is 16.79. I’m looking ahead to see what I can collect for January 17.50 calls, thinking I might be able to get around $.60. The other option is to sell the next strike price up, 16.00, free up some cash and start selling the 14.00 puts.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I like YHOO right now, but this is not investment advice.

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  1. With the opening of the market today, I decided to cancel my sell order for the Jan 17.5c and move forward to the April 16.00c @ 1.50. I collected that premium today and triggered a buy to close order @ .65. If the price goes up, I free up a couple of dollars per share and then start selling the 14.00p.
    I decided to let the premium ride and adjusted my buy to close down to $.05. It’s floating around $1.00 right now (1/18/2012) so I don’t see it closing out very soon. The order is GTC 3/1/12, so if it doesn’t drop before then I will just let it expire or have my shares assigned in April.

    Comment by site admin — 12/14/2011 @ 9:08 am

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