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Religion and Health Care

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This is the slippery slope that we are on. Religious groups want to be able to deny contraceptives (birth control) to their employees. Well, what they really want is to not pay for contraceptives so that women in their employ continue to be ruled and controlled by the men who run their churches. Of course, this is not good enough for those ruled by belief. They also want to rewrite the rules so that any employer can “opt out” of providing this benefit for religious reasons. So the owner of a McDonald’s franchise, Meineke or Joe’s Sub Shop can choose not to offer contraceptives as part of their health plan.
What if the employer is Jehovah Witness, is it OK for the employer to refuse to offer blood transfusions? How about one of those other religions that chooses to pray instead of accepting a medically necessary procedure such as the family that nearly allows their child to die because they knew prayer would save their child’s necrotic limbs?
How about the mother who died after child birth when a simple transfusion would have saved her life? How about the woman ex-communicated because she needed a lung transplant and chose to save her own life by accepting a blood transfusion? Or the woman and her child who died due to her religious beliefs.
And don’t get me started on doctors who violate the trust of their patients by allowing their religious or “moral” views to refuse to proscribe treatments or even to advise their patients that treatments are available to them.

This is where we are. Time to stand up and fight for your right to full and complete health care. We are nearly there with the affordable health care act. Don’t let it be diminished by someone else’s belief that you should not have a blood transfusion or the belief that surgery is an abomination to god and prayer will fix all. Look up your congress critter on the People’s Email Network and let them know religion and healthcare don’t mix.

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