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John Edwards Verdict

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I remember when the tabloid story first broke about John Edwards, his mistress, his secret love child. Edwards denied it up and down. It’s what cheating men do. They deny, they lie. Sometimes they eventually have to confess in public. Larry Craig had a wide stance, Anthony Weiner never sent a photo of him in his wife beater. Personally, I don’t care what men or women do on their own time. I do care when they turn out to be liars when they’ve asked us for our trust. I never cared much for Edwards as a speaker. I couldn’t figure out how he was such a successful attorney, his long drawled out “and” never swept me up, never convinced me.

Here’s where we are. We’re waiting for a jury to decide if millions of dollars that were funneled to his mistress and their love child were actually campaign contributions or hush money that had nothing to do with the campaign. I don’t know the answer, but if it was campaign contributions, Edwards needs to head to the big house. I don’t care what your party affiliation is, illegal is illegal. If it was merely hush money, gifts (that should have the proper tax returns to back up) then let’s hope that Elizabeth beat him in private. For then, it’s a private matter that is none of our business.

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