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I Want My Country Back

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Facebook allows people to express themselves without having to have a whole lot of tech savvy. I guess it’s the wave of the future or something, click like on this share that and all your friends can see what you’re made of. A shared photo from the Tea Party states “Not a Democrat Not a Republican I’m an American and I want my country back”

So I have to ask: Do you mean the America that us White Anglo Saxons stole from the “indians” while forcing them to believe in our religions and killing them with our guns and foreign germs and built on the backs of enslaved Africans? Is that the America you refer to?

The Tea Party has confused ordinary citizens into believing it includes them. Someone I used to work with complained about the tax rate they paid as self employed individuals. On self-employment the social security administration will collect ~15.3% of profits. An employed individual pays the same 7.65% from their pay and 7.65% of their pay that their employer pays on their behalf. In the lowest tax bracket, you can expect to pay 15% on your income after deductions. So to a self employed person that is arguably a 30% tax bracket. Add a state income tax and it’s higher. The people crying the loudest about the tax code pay 13% and want it lower. Any idea where the rest is going to come from? Those tea leaves in the bottom of your cup.

So which America do you want? The one where you can’t get health insurance coverage, period, or the one where the insurance companies have to insure your preexisting condition because of “socialist Obamacare”? I know. You want the America where your tax dollars didn’t go to Michigan to save the auto manufacturers, where our manufacturing should be shuttered and vacant homes should be strewn across the country. The government shouldn’t regulate anything unless it’s abortion or lines up with your religion.

Tea Time.

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