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As Fast as I Can Pull My Finger

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The mantra continues,
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. (Usually with guns)
Let’s parse the definition of what an assault weapon is. It might depend on what your definition of is, is. The specific gun used by this gunman was a Bushmaster .223 AR-15. Let me clarify this for the super parser NRA whores in Congress. AR stands for assault rifle. It didn’t meet Connecticut’ definition of an assault weapon, but the manufacturer clearer defines it as an assault rifle.

A surrogate for the NRA is out there on Faux News saying that if there had been an M-4 locked in a safe in the principal’s office they could have used it to take out the gunman in Sandy Hook. Really? The answer to what some consider too many guns is more guns?

My family hunts and owns firearms for protection. I have worked at a gun range and got to shoot many guns that I could never own. No one is saying that we want all guns rounded up and melted down into paperclips. We are saying – I am saying – do we need magazines that can hold 25 rounds of ammunition? Not for hunting and likely not for home protection – unless you are trying to “protect” your home from the “police state”. Do we need guns that will take a bayonet or grenade launcher? Probably not.

My older cousin, who is in the Army had, and probably still does, a number of guns that he took us younger cousins out to shoot when I was about 14. I don’t remember all of the guns he had, a couple of .22 rifles and one that looked a lot like the one used on December 14. I remember that he didn’t let us shoot too many rounds from that gun as they were more expensive. I also remember that the gun had almost no kick – he held it up with one hand and steadied it on his chin to fire several rounds at the target.

How about it being time to clean up the federal gun laws? Yes, we must have a well armed militia in case England tries to invade us again. I think today we might want to agree that the word militia is defined as the military. The Bill of Rights was written well over 200 years ago when we didn’t pay soldiers to fight for us, we all fought side by side with muskets that had to be reloaded after each shot. Guns come with serial numbers. What would be wrong with a nominal, or no, fee to register that firearm? We do it with cars. License gun owners to purchase and own guns. Make them renew the license every five to ten years. Licensees would have to have an eye exam and a cursory review of mental health along with a criminal background check and show proficiency with a firearm. I drive a 13 ton vehicle and have to get a physical every two years to protect the public. How is carrying a gun any different? A licensing and registration scheme could close the “gun show loophole” that allows sales to anyone who walks through the door. Putting a magnetic stripe on the back of a photographic ID that a seller swipes like a credit card for approval of a sale would be easy. Yes, there will still be stolen and unregistered guns on the streets and in the hands of unlicensed owners – it’s that way with cars too. Just because there will be some people who steal cars or drive without a license doesn’t mean we throw up our hands and say we can’t register any vehicle or license any driver do we? Let’s stop trying to make that argument about guns and get serious.

Of course, we could just start referring to you as the “Not Responsible Association”.

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